Raleigh, NC Transmission Rebuilds Services, offered by Transmedics

Raleigh, NC Transmission Rebuilds

Your One-Stop-Shop for Transmission Rebuilds

TransMedics is proud to be your resource for transmission service. Whether you’re in need of a simple service or a complete overhaul of your vehicle’s transmission, our skilled team will get your car back to working order in no time.

What can I Expect?

Whether you own a manual or automatic transmission, we have the tools and experience to properly rebuild your vehicle’s transmission–the first time around. When you visit TransMedics, we’ll run a complimentary diagnostic check to see what kinds of issues you may be having with your transmission. From there, if we feel you’re in need of an overhaul, we’ll give you a price quote before starting any work.

Rebuilding vs. Replacing

If you’re wondering if it would be more beneficial to rebuild or replace your transmission, we’ve found that it’s often better to rebuild. Transmissions are calibrated to your car’s computer system, so rebuilding would ensure that it works in sync with your automatic or manual transmission.

Don’t Wait–Bring Your Car in Today

We’re locally owned and operated so we take the time to get to know you and the needs of your vehicle. We have the capacity and manpower to handle auto repairs with precision, whatever issue may come our way. If you feel that your vehicle might benefit from a transmission rebuild, or just want to learn more, contact us today!